A unique distribution channel

Thanks to our gift cards and value codes, companies can reach half a million new customers every day – in Sweden alone. With over 1,300 stores across Scandinavia and 7,500 stores in the USA, Convenient Card has become a unique and irreplaceable distribution channel for both large and small businesses in a number of different sectors.


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How it works


You see an opportunity to distribute your gift cards or services in the form of a value code. You can also contact us to see if we can find an opportunity for you to reach a wider public.


We help you to distribute your gift card or find a value code solution adapted to your company’s requirements, range and wishes.


The value code is added to store tills and the cards are distributed to our retailers on the markets of relevance to you and your business. The cards are displayed with good exposure in their own section, usually right next to the till.


Your customer purchases your product and pays in the normal way. The card or code is activated at the till after payment and is only then loaded with funds. You receive daily sales reports and the income is paid out once a week.


Your customer redeems their card or code at your store or via the web, depending on how you do business.

Products & Services

Gift cards

Convenient Card’s gift cards have quickly become a new and important distribution channel for both large and small companies in a number of different sectors. The cards are displayed with excellent exposure in their own section in the store, usually right next to the till.

Value codes

With our different types of prepaid vouchers and value codes, we help companies to reach around half a million Swedish customers every day. Your customer specifies the preferred sum, the seller enters the sum at the till and the code is printed out as a voucher.


Together with our retailers, we can offer unique campaign solutions in store. In close partnership with you, we customise displays, signage and events to meet your needs and wishes perfectly. Spotify’s campaign in Pressbyrån’s stores is one example of a successful venture.



With Convenient Card your product gets access to an extended market and the process is really neat. We plug your product in to our channel, leading to more than 4000 stores in Scandinavia, through a simple integration. Bang – now you reach 3,7 million new customers every day.

Our platform

With our platform, all you have to do is display your product next to the store tills. The cashier is paid in the normal way. The sales results are reported daily and the money is paid out each week. The platform allows you to change both text and denominations, as well as your sales terms.

Our stores

Our products are presently sold at Pressbyrån, Presstop, Direkten, Hemköp, Willys, Shell and 7-Eleven in Sweden, Shell, the DSB stores and 7-Eleven in Danmark, Narvesen, Shell, Spaceworld and 7-Eleven in Norway and ONCE in Spain. We are available in 4,000 stores in Scandinavia and a total of 7,500 retailers in the US.


How quickly can I get money?

You receive a daily sales report. Your income minus the store’s commission is paid out once a week.

How much does it cost?

New companies pay a low start-up fee that covers design and printing of the cards, as well as distribution and implementation in store. Subsequently, a commission that covers everything from supplier to till and store is payable.

What happens when the cards run out?

The store itself orders cards as it requires through a simple web interface. The order is received by our warehouse and the cards are sent out the same day.

Which retail chains are involved?

Convenient Card is available from Pressbyrån, Shell and 7-Eleven in Sweden, 7-Eleven, Narvesen and Shell in Norway, and 7-Eleven and DSB stores in Denmark. In total, there are over 1,300 stores in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. From April 2013, we are also available from 7-Eleven’s 7,500 or so stores in the USA.